Roséline London is a multidisciplinary creator who founded digital publication TIG in 2007, and co-founded luxury fashion accessories brand Belgrave Crescent in 2014. A versatile and creative polymath, Roséline has worked across various fields and disciplines, bringing a wide-ranging skill set that encompasses writing, photography, and digital media, among others, to collaborative efforts and multidimensional projects. Her work draws on a variety of sources and influences, and she is particularly renowned for her impeccable sense of style and discerning eye. Thanks to her unique perspective on design, fashion, travel, art, and more, TIG has attracted millions of visitors and a dedicated following of talented and style-savvy readers including fashionistas, stylists, designers, and the editors of many other publications, both online and off. Roséline’s experience includes branding, creative direction, visuals for social platforms, front-end web design and development, building brands online, and producing high end editorial-style imagery in the roles of art director and photographer, stylist and model.